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Innovation club is a concept to inspire and indulge non technical students to work on their ideas and convert them into startups. Innovation club is based on STEM pedagogy. STEM pedagogy can be applied with any curriculum as it’s a methodology rather than curriculum, hence any college across all grades can adopt STEAM methodology which is based on experiential learning.


Prof. Sandip Sanchala

With help of innovation club students can generate their ideas and convert these ideas into real life products with tools provided by innovation club. The institution Innovation club has been started from December, 2021 with support of State innovation club, Higher Education, Government of Gujarat.

  • Gujarat students advance in the field of innovation, research and startup.
  • Students studying in the fields of arts, commerce and science start a business and build a career.
  • Entrepreneurial activities gain momentum.
  • Innovative Ideas will create prototype models through new technology.